Imagine being frustrated at work. You probably see something that could be better or you don’t have a solution yet but something seems to be off. What happens next? Do you go home and share your frustration there? Or can you use your insights to help in taking the organization a step forward? Taking work related stuff to another context isn’t helping work.

Sensing tensions is something everyone does all the time. In real life, for example when you feel you should be eating and grab a sandwich. Humans have fantastic sensing skills. It helps us to survive and move forward. Simply put, you wouldn’t be alive if you weren’t sensing tensions.

Pick it up and start the engine

So also in corporate settings people sense tensions all the time. And for a good reason because it can help you, your work and the organization move forward. Holacracy provides a ruleset that helps you to process. You can take any tension you sense and use Holacracy as the ‘vehicle’ for moving things forward.

One tension, one vehicle

In Holacracy you take one tension at the time. That’s important because by mixing it up will create more noise or not honor the source of the tension. You want your fuel to be pure. That way the vehicle can move forward smoothly and quickly steering in the direction of the best solution.

Having a self-organized track for every part of the organization

This drawing was made by Lori Rock from ‘FPE’ stands for For-Purpose Enterprise. That’s an organizational structure that has self-organization adopted to the bone. It has Holacracy to organize work, an Association to organize the people structure and a Company part that reflects self-organizing even in a legal way. You can read all about it in our interview with Thomas Thomison. In Holacracy meetings you can put anything you want on the agenda, to find a first next step. In the For-Purpose Enterprise the pathways for not-work related tensions are even clearer because they have their own home (the Association or the Company).


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