Holacracy® in the Netherlands

What is Holacracy and how does it work? We combine personal stories with useful facts about this new system to organize work in a self-organizing organization. Holacracy brings transparancy, entrepreneurship, liberty and equity to organizations.

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Change in times of crisis: Can you? And where do you start?

Change is everywhere now, and it's both frightening and exhilarating depending on where you stand. How do we cope, as people and as organizations? Is survival the only goal here? Or can we change in more lasting and meaningful ways, even in the midst of crisis, and even with many of us working from home? If so, where do we start?

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10 Questions and answers about Holacracy

Diederick Janse is co-founder of Energized.org and co-author of the book "Getting Teams Done". In 2015 he supported Voys with adopting Holacracy as an organization model. Diederick answers the 10 most frequently asked questions about Holacracy.