Trainings, (Holacracy) adoptions and coaching

Prepare your organization step-by-step for rapid changes in a complex world

  • Leadership and entrepreneurship in the workplace
  • Focus on the purpose of your organization
  • Organize self-organization with game rules
  • Clarity about expectations and responsibilities


Our coaches supported over 120 organizations with their steps towards self-organization


We are familiar with the bumps in the road and the blessings of self-organization. We took Holacracy to the Netherlands and pioneered ourselves daily with new forms and additions.

Enthusiastic clients

Our clients have become our ambassadors for the self-organizing workforce


When you start self-organizing work, you discover new challenges. We have seen how organizations have seized opportunities for innovation.

Unique agile approach

We work with iterations, decide where we add value and let customers optimize

The customer steers

The organizational changes that we do are very complex. Especially because the big paradigm changes. It is not always easy. Together we investigate the best steps.

Our purpose: Unlock Power for Purpose

We do this through training and workshops on various aspects of self-organization such as making honest and quick decisions, agile organizing and entrepreneurship at the office.

One of the ways to take the complete step towards self-organization is practice Holacracy®. This ready-to-use tool has clear and fair rules that create a lot of space and possibilities.

cover getting started with holacracy

Getting started with Holacracy

This easy-to-read book is written by our co-founder Diederick Janse and Marco Bogers.

You work in a team of skilled professionals. Yet somehow, things are not running smoothly. There is a lack of clarity about who does what, which creates tensions. Small issues escalate and can stop the team in its tracks. Opportunities are lost and team productivity falters.
Holacracy upgrades your team and organization to breakthrough productivity. Building on the foundations of Getting Things Done and Agile principles, Holacracy introduces a new, purpose-driven way to get work done.

What clients say

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in a Holacracy adoption and would like to discover how we can cooperate

Our purpose agents

Our team of coaches is very experienced.

Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask!

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We are everywhere

The coaches are working at clients offices most of the time. That’s why we do not have a brick or wood office.

We currently work in the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. If you want to meet, we always find a place with coffee and tea.

Are you specifically looking for one of the coaches? Please mail us. We’ll call you as soon as possible. Promised.


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