You work in a team of skilled professionals. Yet somehow, things are not running smoothly. There is a lack of clarity about who does what, which creates tensions. Small issues escalate and can stop the team in its tracks. Opportunities are lost and team productivity falters.

Holacracy upgrades your team and organization to breakthrough productivity. Building on the foundations of Getting Things Done and Agile principles, Holacracy introduces a new, purpose-driven way to get work done.

You will learn how tensions are not a thing to be avoided, but the key to driving meaningful change. Holacracy is a practical, proven framework that has been embraced by leading companies like Zappos and Springest.

Written as a business novel, this book offers you a gripping story of the journey of a struggling team that decides to adopt Holacracy.

The story:
Portland, Oregon. Neil, manager of a marketing team, has just landed a promising deal that could mean a breakthrough for the company. Will he and his team succeed in upgrading their performance, knowing that their current way of working and making decisions is their biggest obstacle?

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