Secretary Training

secretary training holacracy

Online training for Secretaries who want to get acquainted with their role

This training is for (recently) elected Secretaries who want to get aqcuinted with their role. The participant is required to have sufficient basic expierence in practicing Holacracy.

The participant is required to prepare the training by executing a set of GlassFrog exercises in a separate GlassFrog sandbox environment. Access to this enviroment is limited to one month. The participant needs a unique email address (not yet used for any GlassFrog access).

Learning Objectives Online Secretary Training

  • learn to energize the Secretary role
  • learn to operate GlassFrog fluently
  • learn to take ownership of (and contribute to) the capturing of governance records, projects and actions
  • learn to formulate precise (not the same as being detailed) or how to get there
  • learn to recognize and challenge common patterns of insufficient clarity in governance
  • learn to interpret rules of the game or governance and decide when needed
  • learn about the different maturity levels of this role