Lead Link Training

One day training for people who want to increase their understanding about this role

In a self-organizing organization change is continuous. Circles are created, change, or are removed. New Lead Links are assigned frequently. This training can help newly assigned or even experienced Lead Links to activate their role better and with more precision.

The training is for people who already have basic skills and experience in practicing Holacracy in their organization.

Learning Objectives Lead Link Training

  • learn to differentiate between manager and lead link
  • learn to fill the lead link role without overdoing or minimizing it
  • learn about the biggest pitfalls for the lead link
  • learn about the work (the accountabilities) of the lead link
    • learn about structuring the work in the circle
    • learn about (apps for) resource allocation
    • learn about finding role-fit and mentoring of roles
    • learn about setting priorities, strategies, and OKRs
    • learn about metrics and indicators
  • learn about the reactive and proactive work of the lead link
  • learn about the difference of work of the lead link in the super circle and sub circle
  • learn how members of the circle can help their lead link to facilitate true power-shift
  • learn to differentiate between lead link and rep link
  • learn about the character traits a lead link has
  • learn about the different levels of mastery of this role

Extra! Intervision

This training gives you access to an ongoing group of Lead Link practitioners.

  • the first session is free to attend, participation can be continued with a subscription
  • participants from different organizations
  • participants have the same basic level of knowledge
  • cases from current reality are shared and processed by participants
  • participation is online
  • sessions are frequently (approximately 3 x a year) happening


Participants say this about the Lead Link Training:

lead link training holacracy
lead link training holacracy