How do you hire in a self-organizing company? Holacracy provides a ruleset on how to organize work. But many self-organizing companies face new challenges when it comes to Holacracy-style hiring.

How to handle hiring in Holacracy companies

There is no rule about this process in the Holacracy constitution. We looked for two examples and asked these companies how they upgrade their capacity with new people. How do they sense when there is need for new people and which roles are involved in the process?

Hiring at DevHouse Spindle

First we asked Joris Engbers from DevHouse Spindle about their approach since they work with Holacracy. Joris shares which roles are part of the process and how they proceed. You can read his entire story on Medium in this article:
How Do You Hire In a Self-organizing Company?

Another example: Springest

Because it’s really fascinating to see how every company handles this subject differently we also took a closer look at Springest. Nynke shares their hiring approach including roles and processes in an article on Medium as well. Holacracy-style Hiring, Part II: A Collective Process of Roles.

We hope this inspires you and if you have a completely different approach we would also love to hear from you.