Holacracy meetup #15 | Panel discussion | Springest, Amsterdam (June 26, 2019)

Takeaways from the panel discussion

Panel discussion was held with:
Rebecca Brover – HolacracyOne
Diederick Janse – Energized.org
Ruben Timmerman – Springest
Tom van der Lubbe – Viisi

Does Holacracy work for all companies?

Rebecca: it’s not about the size of your company or your product or services. The key element for successful Holacracy adoption is how involved the (former) powerholder are.

Does adoption have to be top-down, or can it also be done bottom-up?

Diederick: Holacracy replaces the management hierarchy. So you can’t start doing it and not tell management about it. Well, you can because a big company in the Netherlands did that. And it works. But only as long as the managers are not telling you to stop. If you do it bottom-up you don’t get as many benefits.

Tip from Rebecca

Be decerning about what you’re adding, be grounded in your tension. Use minimum viable Governance to solve the tension.

It is so easy to go back to the habit of intelligent design. Do a good Governance audit cleanup once in a while.

Check the video for more!

During this Holacracy meetup, Tom van der Lubbe, co-founder of Viisi Mortgages presented the case of how Viisi is transforming ‘beyond Holacracy’. They started working with elected LeadLinks for example and have recently adopted a brand new transparent salary system.

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