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Paula Nordhauzen

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Paula is marketeer

She loves working for companies with a focus on social impact and sustainability. She tells their inspiring stories to the world. That gives entrepreneurs the possibility to keep making the world a better place. Paula believes that children are very well capable of adapting a sustainable mindset and therefore she writes on her own blog ecomama.nl.

Let’s have a chat with Paula

What’s your happiest memory regarding Energized.org?
Probably the retreats. I enjoy those so much! It’s pretty cool to seperate work from private life (or Tribe) and feel completely free to connect on a personal level.

Talking about Holacracy, remember when you first fell in love?

Did I…? Because I think I struggled a lot in the beginning and didn’t expect that when I started. Especially receiving feedback in my roles was hard. But now I highly value a lot of stuff. Like the possibility to fill both a Marketing role and a Sustainability role. And if I feel like something is missing I can always process that. It’s awesome to see how dynamical this stuff is.

Who inspires you?

People who dare to show the most authentic versions of themselves.

Which Holacracy related video did you really enjoy?

This is one I really enjoyed as it is very clear and easy to watch (yes, get your popcorn ready). Still I’m waiting for a more comic style video about Holacracy. It could be presented a bit less serious too.

Can you share a top of awesome books and articles?

  • Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoj
  • Het Enige Boek in je Koffer – Pip & MAKI
  • The upside of irrationaliy – Dan Ariely
  • Mathilda – Roald Dahl
  • The next book I’m reading

What book are you currently reading?

‘Bloei! Werken aan geluk in organisaties’ from Kees Klomp and some books on Voice Dialogue.

What is the most awesome thing about being part of Energized.org?

It’s challenging and at the same time so comfortable that it feels like a second family.

What is the nicest characteristic of your colleague Erik?

His weird sense of humor. Erik is really fun to hang out with. And on top of that I love his hands on practical way of working. He has a surprisingly huge amount of wisdom and experience on other organization and personal development stuff like Non-Violent Communication and Scrum.

What is your most recent learning?

That you can only measure by your own ruler.

What can we wake you up for at night?

Don’t. I hardly sleep with thanks to my three kids. Although I’m always in for a nice conversation with red wine and chocolate.

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paula nordhauzen
paula nordhauzen

Contact Paula!

Email: paula @ energized.org
Or reach out on Linkedin

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