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Hans van Veen

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Hans is a Holacracy coach and currently energizing these roles.

Hans has a special talent for seeing the individuals in organizations. You might say he’s a collector of human capital. Sensing into all aspects of the organization before they leap into the world of self organization with Holacracy is just one other special gift.

Let’s have a chat with Hans

You’ve been an Energized.org partner since 2015. What’s you happiest memory regarding Energized.org?
The Groningen Company Retreat. What a bunch of nerds we were. I hope we will never grow out of this ‘nerdyness’. I also vividly remember the first Holacracy Meet Up at Springest during my Practicioner Training in 2014. Including the speech of David Allen on the beer crate.

Talking about Holacracy, remember when you first fell in love?

Yep, definitely. It was during a Taster late 2013. During my Practitioner Training in 2014 I found it was not just a fling for me. But the beginning of a more serious relationship.

Who inspires you?

Everyone who breathes creativity, curiosity, love for learning and gratitude. Anyone with a growth mindset. So I guess especially children.

Which Holacracy related video did you really enjoy?

This one:

Can you share a top of awesome books and articles?

  • Everyday Enlightenment – Dan Millman
  • Essentialism – Greg McKeown
  • Organized Mind – Daniel Levitin
  • Willpower – Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney
  • Made to Stick – Chip Heath and Dan Heath

What book are you currently reading?

Mindf*ck – Victor Mids & Oscar Verpoort.

What can we wake you up for at night?

Red wine, a great movie and an Energized Company Retreat.

What is the most awesome thing about being part of Energized.org?

Exactly that. Being part of it.

What is the nicest characteristic of Esther?

Contagious energy. Driving force. Creation Incubator. Need I say more?

What is you most recent learning?

That fighting is healthy and necessary in relationships. It helps to manifest the unknown an unlock the potential.

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Contact Hans!

Email: hans @ energized.org
Or reach out on Linkedin

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