Running a business with purpose

We want to develop organizations where energy and power are used for the benefit of purpose. We believe that these purpose-driven organizations can change the world. We believe they can make a significant contribution to a meaningful life.

In our experience, Holacracy is the most complete form of doing business in a way that enables us to do things profoundly differently; better, in our eyes. It is a system in which everyone can always convert tensions into a positive change for the benefit of the purpose. It is really a set of rules for how you run your organization, where everything is organized around the purpose and the work, instead of around the people and the politics.

We are certified and licensed to support organizations with Holacracy

Organizations that want to start practicing Holacracy or want to practice even better can get support from Energized.org. All our coaches are officialy certified Holacracy Coaches and we even have a Trainer.

To be allowed to support organizations is possible if you have the license. HolacracyOne, the organization of Brian Robertson is the license provider.

Energized.org wants to support organizations in the best way they can. That’s why we only work with certified coaches. It’s also the reason why we invest time and energy in the Holacracy eco-system.

Our cooperation with HolacracyOne started years ago when Diederick Janse invited Brian to the Netherlands for a talk. Nowadays the Netherlands are the hub to Europe and we have been supporting over 50 organizations.

We are Energized

photo Diederick Janse

Diederick Janse is a certified Holacracy coach and co-author of the book ‘Getting Teams Done’. Diederick sees it as his personal mission to show that there is a credible alternative to the traditional way of organizing, one in which everyone in an organization becomes a leader in his or her roles, and any tension can be used to bring the organization closer to its purpose. For him, this is Holacracy.

photo Koen Bunders

Koen Bunders is a certified Holacracy coach, an inspired trainer, who loves the implementation profession. He worked as a dedicated consultant for years at the intersection between business and IT and really enjoyed it. Suddenly there was the realization that efficiency (the focus of his work up to then) is neutral: “What do I make more efficient? It is something constructive? Or is it something destructive?” From that time on, he could not motivate himself in the same way anymore. His purpose is to make work meaningful again. He has been focusing on implementing Holacracy since 2012.

photo Gabriela Krupa

Gabriela is a certified Holacracy coach and is passionate about co-creating business environments where the People, Planet, and Purpose paradigm leads the way. She is a tireless advocate of the entreployee concept and entrepreneurship in everyday life. She strongly believes that embracing change is a driver for further development across personal and business areas alike. As a result of her values and beliefs, she joined Energized.org on a mission: to build the enterprises of the future where individuals can thrive and organizations flourish with them.

photo Hans van Veen

Hans van Veen is certified Holacracy coach. Hans van Veen opted for an independent journey of discovery in personal and organizational development over 8 years ago. As a trainer and coach he found his role in development and change processes; preferably quietly, in the hub of the work, firmly rooted in the implementation. Hans coached us in personal leadership and in working with impact and influence. Because in the midst of that work, Hans could sense the crippling effect of the management hierarchy and the tyranny of consensus. In Holacracy, Hans found a way of working that automatically includes empowerment, where the same rules apply to everyone and where people can take care of themselves. And no training or coaching can give more than that.

photo Joost Schouten

Joost Schouten is certified Holacracy coach. A strong belief in collective ability combined with the frustration of many slow and inefficient management structures led Joost Schouten to focus his career around self organisation and autonomous teams. Initially, in 2002, by launching an internet startup promoting greater transparency on KPI’s across the organisation, followed by supporting organisations in their Agile and SCRUM efforts. After an introduction to Holacracy, back in 2011, there was no turning back. Purpose driven and commercially viable can go hand in hand when approached with common sense, pragmatism and a clear set of rules.

erik slotboom holacracy coach nederland

Erik Slotboom is certified Holacracy Coach. During his first job, in an inefficient management hierarchy, Erik became fascinated by alternative ways of cooperation and organization. Since 2009 he guided as an independent coach both large and small organizations in Agile transitions. As challenging as that was, Erik kept looking for ways to have more societal impact. How can you make organizations purpose driven? Working on what matters? These questions got him on the path of Holacracy, a way of cooperating that can help organisations to make a real difference.

paula nordhauzen energized.org marketing

Paula Nordhauzen is marketeer and writer. She loves working for companies with a focus on social impact and sustainability. She tells their inspiring stories to the world. That gives entrepreneurs the possibility to keep making the world a better place. Paula believes that children are very well capable of adapting a sustainable mindset and therefore she writes on her own blog ecomama.nl. In 2017 she will publish her first children’s book.

Company story

During his studies in International Business Administration in Maastricht, Energized.org co-founder Diederick Janse took all the steps he was “supposed” to take. But – his heart was not in it. For a long time, he told himself to “grow up” and “get over it”. But things turned out different.

During his third year he got two new roommates. They became friends and got into deep discussions about spirituality and new developments in working with awareness and about being able to really be yourself at work, instead of ‘you can be yourself in your own time’. As soon as they graduated in 2006, they started the company Realize! together: an organizational consultation firm that helps companies to organize themselves during times of rapid growth.

He invited Brian Robertson, Holacracy inventor and co-founder of HolacracyOne, for a workshop in the Netherlands. He took the five-day course and started to work with it more and more. After seven years of Realize!, a new phase was starting for Diederick. Out of all the different methods he checked out, he opted for Holacracy. Next, he met Ruben Timmerman, founder of Springest. Ruben already had faith in this new management system and in January of 2013, his company was the first one in the Netherlands to go all-in. Diederick guided Springest in the implementation of Holacracy. It was a great success. Other companies followed.

Around the same time, he met Energized.org co-founder Koen Bunders. Koen had happily been working as a project manager and business consultant for ten years. One day he realized that efficiency is neutral. “What do I make more efficient?” From that moment on, he could no longer motive himself in the same way.

It started with a brave decision: “I’m quitting that job”. A leap into the unknown. Empowering and wonderful, but also scary. It created space for him to look inward and figure out what he really needed to do. Holacracy appeared on his path and the fire inside him was lit. He knew what he really wanted to do: help companies to work together with a purpose. It has been giving him meaning and focus. On January 1, 2015, Koen and Diederick founded Energized.org together.

Where do we stand now

We are a team of seven certified coaches who are joined by the same vision of the business world. But Energized.org is bigger than us. It is a living community, inviting people who believe in meaningful work. We inspire, challenge and enrich each other in our further development. We believe that there is a credible alternative to the way the majority of organizations and teams arrange their everyday work. Freeing energy, installing collaborative power of individual minds and making sure each action serves a common purpose – this is what we cherish.