Over 70 people visited the Springest headquarters for pizza and to participate in the panel discussion during the Holacracy Meetup that took place on October 18th 2017.

We did it ping pong style so everybody in the audience who wanted to, could ask a question. Our panelists were very happy to share their perspectives on self-organization and Holacracy.

Our Panelists:
– Jeroen Persoons (Springesteer)
– Diederick Janse (the co-founder of Energized.org, experienced coach in self-organization)
– Tom Thomison (the co-founder of HolacracyOne & encode.org)

We hebben hier de opnames van de hele panel discussie voor je geplaatst (50 min):

Vragen? Stuur een mailtje naar hallo@energized.org