Onboarding Experience

onboarding - new talent familiair with holacracy

Introduction course with all basics of Holacracy.

For new employees who enter a Holacracy organization.

A strong start for the new employee and for the organization

This Holacracy introduction for new employees offers you support during onboarding. You will receive support from a professional coach. He helps you experience the difference between a traditional organization and an organization that works on the basis of self-organization. In this way, as a new employee, you will also come to the start of your new job with more self-confidence and thorough basic knowledge.

Are you new to a self-organizing company? Then you can register for the Onboarding Experience (OeX). You do this introduction course together with new employees from other organizations. As a result, you not only know for sure that you have a strong foundation, but you also get a good idea of ​​what makes your organization different and unique.

Structure of the Onboarding Experience

In 2 shifts of 2 weeks you will work independently within your own organization and you will receive a number of assignments, for which you can earn points.

Each shift ends with an online session under the guidance of an experienced Holacracy coach, where you reflect on the assignments and share experiences with all participants.

Learning Objectives of the Onboarding Experience

You will learn the basic principles and habits that help you in your Holacracy practice so that you can make a flying difference within your organization. During the Onboarding Experience, learn from and with other newcomers from Holacracy organizations.

The OeX consists of two parts.
The first part helps the new employee to get a clear picture of the basic rules and the organization itself.
The second part focuses more on a number of skills that every Holacracy practitioner must master.

What to expect
Together with participants from other Holacracy organizations, you will learn the basic principles and habits that belong to Holacracy and that helps you get your work done. In this way, you become one of the sensors of your organization and you once again bring a sharp look at the Holacracy practice in the organization.


The program is supervised by one of our certified Holacracy coaches. Energized.org has helped more than 120 start their journey towards self-organization.

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Testimonials from participants:

Before the OeX I understood the Holacracy theory. I knew what roles were, how the meeting structure is structured, etc. But I did not know how to apply that knowledge. I couldn’t take the step to put my knowledge into practice. So I didn’t know how to actively participate, even in meetings.

Now that I have done the OeX, it feels much more familiar to actively participate in role and work meetings. Moreover, I now experience much better where my tension comes from and where I can introduce it.

The examples that were given during the training, for example with Johnny Depp / Jack Sparrow on role awareness, helped me a lot. Just like the videos in the study material about exactly how a work meeting goes at another company.