Facilitator Training

facilitator training holacracy

2-Day training for Facilitators who want to increase their understanding and skill set for energizing the role

This training helps beginner Facilitators to further deepen their understanding about the Holacracy rule set, processes and language to read and write governance. It will sharpen their skill set for energizing their role. The training is not just aiming at learning to facilitate in accordance to the rule set, but also in such way that circle members will experience how they can process any of their tensions via the tactical or governance meetings in a quick, safe and reliable way.

The training is for people who already have basic skills and experience in practicing Holacracy in their organization.

Learning objectives Facilitator Training

  • learn to energize the role of Faciliator
  • learn to frame the steps in tactical meetings and governance meetings in a clear an concise way
  • learn to cut off out-of-process behavior and redirect
  • learn to make use of  time-outs
  • learn about the neutral and firm stance
  • learn to get more comfortable with discomfort
  • learn to facilitate rich triage in tactical meetings
  • learn to time-box
  • learn to support your Secretary
  • learn more about the precision and why behind the rule set
  • learn the language to read and write governance with all its constructs
  • learn about patterns and anti-patterns in writing governance
  • learn some minimal coaching skills
  • learn to test objections with curiosity
  • learn to facilitate the integrations of objections
  • learn about the different levels of mastery of this role

Extra! Intervision

This training gives you access to an ongoing group of Facilitator practitioners.

  • the first session is free to attend, participation can be continued with a subscription
  • participants from different organizations
  • participants have the same basic level of knowledge
  • cases from current reality are shared and processed by participants
  • participation is online
  • sessions are frequently (approximately 3 x a year) happening