Holacracy® adoption

Increase transparancy, entrepreneurship and ownership.

You have a choice Make or Buy. As a company you can find your own pathway to the becoming fully self-organized. Or you can pick a ready-to-go practice with a ruleset, like Holacracy?

You’re ready to go, but you are not waiting for another reorganization. The coaches of Energized.org support organizations in making the transformation to self-organization while the business continues as usual. From the kick-off, the organization will evolve step by step and continue to do so.

You wonder how and when you can best start with Holacracy. The coaches provide clarity about where to start, which steps can be followed and how the game is played. That too is part of a Holacracy adoption.

Do not waste time and energy on developing systems that make it possible to organize yourself. These systems already exist and give you all the space you need to do the execution yourself as it suits your organization.

Dutch? Ask for the short and sweet rules

What is the result of a Holacracy adoption for your organization?

Our approach results in one or more circles that can function independently according to the rules of Holacracy with:

  • distributed authority;
  • clarity about expectations and responsibilities (at circle and role level);
  • effective and disciplined consultations, as a safety net for autonomy;
  • facilitators from the circle who can guide the consultations.

Also nicely included in an adoption:

  • more room for entrepreneurship and autonomy;
  • more attention to and naviagtion on an explicit and common purpose;
  • a safer, faster and more reliable tool for continuous improvement;
  • a higher level of control, without checking;
  • shorter meetings;
  • more multi-disciplinary teams;
  • decrease in possible ego dominance;
  • public participation;
  • decrease in bureaucracy.

How long does a Holacracy adoption take?

The first intense part of the Holacracy adoption of Energized.org takes about half a year. In that period we go through the start-up, adoption and evaluation phase. You get a good grasp of the techniques and apply them independently. Then we can guide you further based on the challenges the organization encounters.

The phases of the Holacracy adoption in detail

If you are already on the edge of your seat, you may also want to know what such an adoption process with Energized.org coaches looks like. These are the phases that we go through during the adoption phase. In addition, we also like to use an agile approach in which we continuously reflect and always look again at the next step in your specific situation:

Startup (one to two weeks)

  • Measurements through a simple online organization scan (optional).
  • Role workshop, in which we determine the initial roles for each circle, as a starting point for the work and role meetings (possibly to be combined with the kick-off).
  • Lead Link coaching, to prepare the Lead Link for his/her role in the circle, to process the output of the role workshop in the final start structure (in the GlassFrog support tool), and define the metrics for the circle

Holacracy adoption phase

  • Support for the circle that focusses on Tactical and Governance meetings. The Energized coach will start as a Facilitator. After a while an elected Facilitator and Secretary will do it.
  • Support for core roles; the appointed Lead Link, elected Facilitator, Rep Link and Secretary.
  • Regularly: open Q&A sessions to share experiences and challenges. The coach will check where more support is needed.
  • Personal self-management training for all participants.

Evaluation (on average after five months)

  • Repetition of the online organization scan, to compare with the baseline measurement and as input for the evaluation.
  • Evaluation workshop, with the aim of celebrating success, sharing lessons learned and identifying opportunities for further deepening (among other things based on the results of the organization scan).

Return day (2 to 3 months after evaluation)

  • Observing a number of consultations to provide immediate feedback and, in addition, to form a picture of the current level and points for attention.
  • Feedback session (with full circles or relevant roles) to share findings and make concrete recommendations on further securing and deepening self-organizing capacity.

What a kick-off can look like:

With the support of a coach you get to know Holacracy faster

Energized.org has the most experienced Holacracy coaches in the Netherlands. Since we supported the first adoption in the Netherlands at Springest, we have learned a lot by trial and error. Our certified coaches have already guided over 60 organizations in the transformation to self-organization and are familiar with most pitfalls and success factors. Moreover, we have the only Holacracy Master Coach in the Netherlands (6th worldwide).

Of course, we also practice it ourselves and therefore know what the transformation means for the individual and the business. That personal touch is highly appreciated by our customers.

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Don’t start …

We say that sometimes. We also do not know everything, but we do know what the timing and approach work for a Holacracy adoption. That is why we sometimes advise against starting Holacracy (immediately). Our coaches are just very honest and are happy to investigate with you or you are ready to go.

Our customers

We are proud that we have been able to guide over 60 organizations with their Holacracy adoption.

There had to be another way. Holacracy is dynamic and ‘adaptable’.

Jorg Vletter, Voys

It makes me proud to see how talents surface that otherwise would have stayed hidden.

Daphne Jongeneel, PuntP

By describing roles everybody has a clarity on their accountabilities. You know exactly who to turn to for whatever task you need to get done.

Tom van der Lubbe, Viisi

Do you want to get started?

Our Holacracy adoption is for every organization (or part of an organization) that has made a conscious decision to go all-in with Holacracy and wants to master the basic principles of self-organizing work and realizes that help is needed. Do you want to know how to get started with us or do you have questions? Please contact us. We would love to hear from you.