We support organizations with self-management

Energized.org has already supported over 50 organizations and teams to make the step towards self-organization. Mostly based on Holacracy because clear and honest rules contribute to space for entrepreneurship, psychological safety and innovation.

Our coaches are seasoned experts. Our aim is – as with the learning of a new sport – as coaches to ensure a smooth learning process while you immediately start practicing self-organization. We prefer an agile approach in which you as an organization determine how hard you want to go.



Meet like-minded entrepreneurs and share your learnings.
Several locations in the Netherlands.


Introduction workshop! Theory and practice with a simulation game.
In-company or public.

Dutch book Getting Teams Done

Getting Teams Done is an easy to read book.

Contact us if you want to learn from other organizations by visiting them.

You’re looking for a collaboration partner

Why Energized.org?

With coaches involved in your process you’ll go faster and improve the quality of your practice:

  • only licensed coaches
  • most experiences coaches in the Netherlands
  • over 50 clients
  • agile approach
  • serious impact.

Let’s meet

Let’s have a coffee and discuss what your plans are.

You want to evolve
and an upgrade

Start your practice

Holacracy provides clarity. The rules are like road lines; more safety and space.


Keep maturing!

Onboarding Experience

Introduction to self-management practice for new people in your organization.

Holacracy Apps

Develop more than just the basic work structures based on the same values.

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ernegized.org experiences

Discover self-management

What do you need?

You want entrepreneurship, you want to scale up your organization easily and make your organization agile.

We offer you what you need to take the first steps. Such as training sessions where you can experience yourself and can already get a taste of (components of) self-organization.

orientate on holacracy

How we can support you:

Trainings: incompany or public

During a Taster of half a day you get an explanation of the ‘why’ of Holacracy and you will do a simulation of a Governance meeting yourself. For many people this is an exciting experience due to the strict process where you discover how much space that can give.

Meet experiences Holacracy practitioner
During one of our Meetups you can ask questions to experienced Holacracy practitioners. The Meetups are easily accessible and you’ll meet other interested people.

Must reads
Reading feed enough when it comes to Holacracy. Take a look at our self-organization blog for example, where you will also find a lot of videos. Highly recommended is the book Getting Teams Done by, among others, Diederick Janse, co-founder of Energized.org.

Contact us
We would love to meet you. Contact us.


how to start holacracy

What do you need?

You know for sure. You want to get started. The best way to learn the game is by starting to play with an experienced coach.

You may still doubt the timing, conditions and whether it also fits your specific situation. That is why our Client Discoverers first investigate with you whether you are a good ‘fit’.

This is how we can support:

Our coaches go through the Holacracy implementation phase with you. We also call it ‘driving lessons’. You practice to master Holacracy and in the meantime the business continues.

We start with a kick off to create the starting structure and after a few months the coach takes more and more steps back and you start working on the organization and further develop your own Holacracy skills. You can also opt for in-depth Holacracy workshops and training courses such as the ‘Tension detections’ workshops.

Become an experienced Holacracy practitioner

What do you need?

As an organization you now work entirely according to the Holacracy rules. But you want more and better. Because while you practice self-organization and you further develop in it, you experience challenges that you want to learn. Perhaps, for example, new people join or you lose focus and threaten to lose track. You want to continue to develop and strengthen as an organization.

holacracy practitioner

This is how we can support:

We offer training and workshops. Personal self-management for example. The coaches can also follow your route and adjust if necessary. And if new people come to your organization, they can follow the Onboarding Experience so they can sail as quickly as possible.

Holacracy is not a trick that you apply, but really something you have to master yourself and where you will become better and better as an individual practitioner as well as an organization.

Beyond Holacracy: self-management to the bone

self-management beyond holacracy

What do you need?

In addition to self-organizing work, you also need to redesign the legal structure and the personal and inter-collegial context. Holacracy organizes the work and not those elements. Yet you can also develop your organization on these points. For example, by working on a For-Purpose Enterprise structure.

This is how we can support:

We can advise you on matters such as building apps (for example for your own compensation model), training internal coaches, offering new employees an Onboarding Experience and provide training. You are now part of our ‘Learning Community’ in which you share experiences with other Holacracy organizations. Moreover, we keep an eye on international and national developments, because now you are doing pioneering work – just like us – for the entire world.