Intro workshop team development


  • Introduction to theory and skills
  • Develop your understanding of communication and behavioral patterns
  • 20 december 1 PM
  • Online


Datum: 20 december 2021

Time: 13.00 – 17.00

Location: Online

Open registration (contact us for in-company possibilities) has put together a special workshop for self-organizing companies. This workshop will give you a taste of Systems-Centered® Training, a scientifically proven method of team development. This workshop is also valuable for organizations that want to start with team development before working with Holacracy.

In half a day, you will become acquainted with a playful, effective interaction method to clarify communication behavior in teams.

Organizations and teams that are (starting to) work in a self-organizing way may notice that they are inhibited by old communication and behavioral patterns. Self-organization stays limited to the ‘upper stream’. The work is organized, role and work meetings are held and roles and responsibilities are described. This makes the work much more transparent.

However, it is not the case that this transparency automatically affects the ‘undercurrent’, such as communication and behavior in daily work, outside the consultations. For example, tensions remain unnamed, people continue to seek permission from the Lead Link or consensus in the group, there is a lot of complaining or people do not speak to each other.

Anchoring self-organization through team sessions

During this half-day introductory workshop, you will get a taste of our team development sessions.
What we want to achieve by deploying team development in self-organization is that self-organization is anchored in the undercurrent of behavior and communication. This leads to people taking full ownership of the circle’s goals and their roles, for example by making independent decisions.

The team communicates in an equal, mature way. Where people fall into old patterns, this is noticed and discussed. Tensions and frustrations are not taken personally, but are used constructively for the goals of the role, the circle and the organization.

Research has shown that groups move through fixed stages of development. Systems-Centered Training (SCT®) uses these phases to map out team development and to work systematically on behavior and ways of communication that reinforce Holacracy.

Skepticism and resistance are seen as valuable voices in the team, each of which has its function (eg stabilizing the team and keeping what works). By separating this from people (the “troublesome” and “scapegoats” in each team) it becomes negotiable. A lot of energy is being freed that can be used for the development of the team and the implementation of Holacracy, instead of acting as a brake on it.

The result of the introductory workshop ‘Team development’

You learn to look at teams and people in a more system-oriented way. You will learn skills that you can immediately use in your own roles. In addition, you will gain insight into the phases of team development and how they have an impact on self-organization practice.

The approach

The workshop consists of a mix of research, practice, and theory.

This workshop is for you if

  • you have a coaching role in the organization;
  • you want to better understand group dynamics;
  • you dare to shine a light on what happens but is not said;
  • you seek a way out of interpersonal tensions.

Prices introduction workshop Team development
Fee € 125 ex VAT

We expect you to join once you’ve applied

Registrations at standard costs will be reimbursed 75% of the admission ticket until December 1, 2021 in the event of written cancellation.
Participation is personal and can only be transferred to someone else in consultation and with the approval of
At the latest one week before the event – and preferably earlier – we will let you know whether there are enough participants and the workshop can therefore take place.