Kick off day is always an energetic day. It’s the starting day for working with Holacracy. Voiceworks in the Netherlands did this in February 2017. This is a photo and video report to give you an impression of what their kick off day was like.

Implementing Holacracy to organize work is not something you decide to do and launch within a week. Stijn and Koen first did a lot of research to find out what kind of structure would be best for Voiceworks. They chose Holacracy and now it’s up to Joost Schouten from to support the organization during the implementation period.

Kick off day program

The aim of this day is to give all participants a taste of what working with Holacracy is like. Besides that the first starting structure is being formed. The program of the day at Voiceworks looked like this:

Stijn speaks

The Holacracy start at Voiceworks is with approximately 40 people. Stijn tells them on behalf of the current management why they chose Holacracy.

stijn voiceworks introductie holacracy
joost schouten holacracy coach


Joost tells the crowd about Holacracy in general and how the implementation has been planned.

Signing the Constitution

Everybody knows that from this moment on the rules of Holacracy apply to the organization.

startstructuur holacracy cirkel

Clustering activities

All work activities are now collected and clustered. The first roles are already visible.

Lead Link assigns roles

The Lead Link checks the roles that came out of the first start structure session and assigns the roles.

lead link maakt start cirkel holacratie
spanningen rondom rollen verzamelen holacratie voiceworks

Check workability

Everybody checks the result of the first start structure and checks whether this is workable. What is not workable is gathered as ‘tensions’ for the Governance Meeting.

The first Governance Meeting

A Governance meeting has a rigid structure. Therefore, the coaches of facilitate the first meetings.

eerste roloverleg voiceworks
holacracy coaches voiceworks

Questions & Answers

There will be many questions during the implementation period, but the first questions are answered by the coaches at the end of the kick-off day.

Watch it!

Voiceworks working it during the kick off day in this one minute video:

About Voiceworks

Voiceworks is a supplier of business data, mobile and fixed telephony solutions. The company is growing fast, very fast. The company was founded in 2005 by Koen van Geffen and Stijn Nijhuis. At age 18 they started from an attic in Almere and a few years later they saw opportunities for Internet telephony in the Netherlands, after which they founded VoIP provider VoiceWorks together with Egbert Groot and Ruud van der Aar in 2005. The office in Almere now employs more than 200 people. Part of the company starts with three Holacracy circles.