What an awesome vibe once again! Monday February 6th we organized a Holacracy Meetup at Springest! With special guest: Brian Robertson. 

With over 100 visitors we definitely had a full house. Anne Nynke was our host and started with introducing Joost Schouten. He shared the story of Energized.org. After that Koen Veltman introduced himself to the crowd and after that Brian Robertson of HolacracyOne shared his enthusiasm about the growth of Holacracy in the world.

Video impression of the 7th Holacracy Meetup

Here’s a short impression video (just over 2 minutes):

The entire talk of Joost Schouten about Energized.org:

Quotes from some Holacracy Meetup visitors

We love feedback. It helps us to organize even better Meetups. There was a lot of energy during this Meetup and that’s something we also love to see in the feedback we get. Here are some quotes from visitors.

‘Good to see so many enthusiastic people. Let’s spread the word!’ – Tom Mulder

‘Great to be part of the group forerunners and pioneers in Holacracy and literally feel the energy and vibes
Thanx to Springest for sharing their facilities.’ – Marco

‘Great inspirational meeting. Likely minded spirits with very different paths and businesses.’ – Robert

‘Thanks for the organisators for a great meetup with fantastic motivational speakers. We just embraced Holacracy a couple of months ago. This meetup confirms that we are on the right track and keeps us on our toes.’ – Bob

‘Good to meet you: lot’s of interested and practicing peers. I loved the presentations and esp. taste-session.’ – Harry

We would love it if you join us at our next Meetup event!