Short meetings and getting a lot done. That way you will have more time and energy to contribute to your work. The meeting structure is a well known part of Holacracy.

Tactical meetings and governance meetings are like the thread of Holacracy. The first is a frequent consultation that focuses on the (operational) work in the organization. The governance meeting type is less frequent and is about working on the organization (organizational development). A facilitator guides the consultations according to a tight schedule.

Tactical meetings

The tactical meetings are held regularly, with the people who have roles in your circle. You create an agenda on the fly, based on existing tensions. You work with real data and facts, here and now. Tensions get clarified and turned into actionable items that solve impediments. The facilitator is there to make sure the meeting stays on track and does not exceed the timeframe allocated for it.

Governance meetings

Each person that has a tension during the governance meeting makes a proposal that aims to solve it. Through a process of integrative decision-making, we look whether the proposal is a step forward for the organization. We make sure that it does not put us backwards and it is not harmful. Everyone has a voice and can bring an objection to the proposal if they have one. An objection is valid if it meets several criteria. The proposal becomes a decision if it is workable for everyone.

Step by step, organizations undergo a continuous evolution. The decisions are not cast in concrete. During each governance meeting, each person that has taken on a role gets a chance to convert his or her tension into a new step forward.

Online meetings

At we have a lot of online meetings. And although technical issues are really annoying we can do meetings in a short period of time and with clarity on who should be talking.