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FierceCEO published an article about AIMMS. As our client we know the journey AIMMS made to get to the place where they are now in working self-organizing.

AIMMS is a Dutch software platform provider democratizing the use of prescriptive analytics so that everyone is self-enabled to make better decisions. Former CEO Gijs Dullaert shares his story in this read on FierceCEO.


Gijs Dullaert of Aimms on dropping CEO title, adopting self-management approach

Some quotes that really stand out:

Holacracy is a fit for Aimms because, “We wanted to marry high performance and care – care for our purpose, our values, our customers and ourselves,”Dullaert said.

In a recent survey, more than half of Aimms employees said Holacracy has made the company a better place to work. Nearly 60% said they believed that Holacracy allowed the company to respond faster to changes. Almost 60% said Holacracy increased their understanding of their responsibilities and purpose, and 60% agreed that it has made it easier to hold others accountable in their roles.

Communication is no longer up and down. Information is also no longer constrained to the top, as there is no single role in charge of information.