Diederick Janse in conversation with Blaire Palmer about his own journey to Holacracy and Energized.org

  • blair palmer en diederick janse in gesprek over de keuze voor holacracy nederland

Diederick Janse and Koen Bunders started Energized.org on January 1st 2015. What made them decide to take a leap into the unknown and start Energized.org and implementing Holacracy in organizations?

Diederick Janse in a conversation with Blaire Palmer, a former BBC Radio 4 journalist, shares about his own journey to Holacracy, the power shift that it entails and the personal challenges for anyone considering making such a commitment.

“Holacracy is one way of creating the conditions for bringing in all of myself in the service of purpose and doing that not by being self-employed and doing it alone, but working with others on a purpose that is really larger than I could ever achieve alone (…)”

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