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Springest Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland voorbeeld
Bol.com Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland voorbeeld
 Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland voorbeeld Concept7
Voys Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland voorbeeld
Connectis Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
Valsplat Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
Netcentric Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
Impact Hub Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
Democratische basisschool De Vallei Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
Spindle Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
Rockstart Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
Aan Zee Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
Minddistrict Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
Butterfly Works Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
Sanoma Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
PRO6 managers Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
SmartHOTEL Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
Viisi Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
Heroes and Friends Holacracy bedrijf in Nederland
rvg media & impact Holacracy bedrijven in Nederland
zorgdomein organisatie die met holacracy werkt
aimms organisatie die met holacracy werkt
computer profile organisatie die met holacracy werkt
mentaal beter nederlandse zorg organisatie die met holacracy werkt
onefifteen organisatie die met holacracy werkt
the future group organisatie die met holacracy werkt
the hyve organisatie die met holacracy werkt
nl healthcare organisatie die met holacracy werkt
byte code organisatie die met holacracy werkt
ibuildings nederlandse holacracy organisatie
sidn nederlandse holacracy organisatie
puntp nederlandse holacracy organisatie
arpa consultancy nederlandse holacracy organisatie
voiceworks nederlandse holacracy organisatie

Our clients about Holacracy

“We were growing fast. I knew that the way we were operating was not scalable and could not keep up with our growth. I’m a person who wants everything to be scalable. We had a choice, and, of course, we had the option of introducing management. In fact, I was very close to doing so. But then, knowing what management brings, I thought there must be another way. And there was. I met Diederick, we talked, I had a taste of Holacracy and we made our choice.”

Ruben Timmerman,  Springest

“I believe that one of the greatest powers you can allow people to develop is that of personal leadership. It is such an amazing thing to observe, when people who have been given tools to make their own choices, become leaders in their work, no longer hindered by organizational levels and no longer, hiding behind other people. Everyone is spinning the ball and everyone is confident to do so.”

Raymond Klompsma, Concept7

“We experimented for almost four years with different approaches to organizing our work. Out of several  approaches we tried, Holacracy is the only model in which responsibilities are divided and clearly defined. It makes an organization flexible and scalable, while at the same time it makes work much more meaningful as well as fun.”

Mark Vletter, Voys

“Holacracy helps us to remember how important governance, as well as working not only in an organization but also on it, is, and how an organization needs to evolve over time as it goes through different stages of growth. Clarity about roles and meeting structures that simplify integrative decision-making mechanisms are helpful tools for today’s organization – and essential for today’s entrepreneurs.”

Tatiana Glad,  Impact Hub

“Now doing this for 3 months, I cannot see myself using any other governance system than Holacracy. I even wonder how other people can actually still work the old way. To draw a parallel: you didn’t notice how extremely inefficient finding answers to technical questions in libraries was, until the Internet emerged and you could find an answer online within seconds. Now, you ponder over how all those people actually managed to find answers at all.”

Robert van Herk, Connectis

Articles by our clients

  • 8 challenges to overcome when adopting Holacracy
    By Ruben Timmerman on Medium. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then everybody is suddenly very productive. I’d like to summarize some challenges we encountered. Spoiler: it can be great, it will be misunderstood and it is quite hard!”
  • Can Holacracy improve your social venture?
    Article by Frits Jergitschi of Impact Hub Wenen. “Some people dream of being the boss. But what if your workplace had no boss at all? Since September 2013, Impact Hub Vienna employs a holacratic structure of governance after a long quest for the right organizational structure”
  • Purpose as a collective practice
    Impact Hub Amsterdam. “Impact Hub Amsterdam designs and energizes organizational roles in service of purpose using Holacracy—an organizational model that gives greater autonomy to individuals within their roles and focuses on roles cohesion.”
  • Why we started using Holacracy
    By Doron Nethe, CEO People’s Playgrond. Experiences after three months of Holacracy. “Team members are better aware of their changing roles and accountabilities (mostly set by themselves), which creates a lot of clarity and gives more focus on priorities.”
  • The rules of the game
    By Joris Engbers of Spindle. Why Spindle chose Holacracy. “Holacracy as I see it, is essentially a corpus of game rules to organize work. In the next few months Koen and Diederick will show us how they think that this game should be played.”
  • Netcentric embraces Holacracy
    “We began our implementation with the help of Holacracy coaches Diederick Janse and Koen Bunders from the Netherlands, who have set-up, facilitated, and supervised our ongoing transformation”

You can find more in the series of articles where we share stories of people who practice Holacracy.