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“There has to be another way” | An introduction to S3 and Holacracy

What are the similarities and differences between Holacracy® and Sociocracy 3.0 (S3)? Why do organizations choose these styles of self-organization as an alternative to the traditional management hierarchy? The professionals from Rebelwise and Energized.org have years of experience in the field of self-organization. Therefore both organizations did research to look for the similarities and differences between S3 and Holacracy. During a meetup we collected information and enriched the data with the insights of practitioners and experts.

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Enabling more change in organizations

Evolution of the main Holacracy tool: the Constitution. One of the differences between 4.1 and 5.0 is that there will be no more distinction between a role and a circle.

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Takeaways Holacracy Meetup Amsterdam

Sept. 10th was Holacracy Meetup time! Practitioners from all over the world met at Springest headquarters in Amsterdam. This was already the 12th Meetup organized by Springest, HolacracyOne and Energized.org