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Gabriela Krupa

Gabriela is a Holacracy coach and currently energizing these roles.

Gabriela is a certified Holacracy coach and is passionate about co-creating business environments where the People, Planet, and Purpose paradigm leads the way. She is a tireless advocate of the entreployee concept and entrepreneurship in everyday life. She strongly believes that embracing change is a driver for further development across personal and business areas alike. As a result of her values and beliefs, she joined Energized.org on a mission: to build the enterprises of the future where individuals can thrive and organizations flourish with them.

Let’s have a chat with Gabriela

You joined the team in 2015. What’s your happiest memory regarding Energized.org?
So many memories… I’ll go with our Hackathons

Talking about Holacracy, remember when you first fell in love?

The very first impression was when I read about it during my studies at Stockholm Business School (April 2015?). I liked the idea from the beginning but it was just an idea, a concept. I didn’t know if this H-thing can indeed exist in business and what it can or cannot bring for people and organizations. Falling in love started a few months later when I joined Energized.org, spoke to people, touched real cases. It was rather a gradual process with a lot of learning along the way! Now I’m hooked!

Who inspires you?

My grandparents! The most wonderful people. Love and care that they have for each other and the people around them is truly inspiring.

Which Holacracy related video did you really enjoy?

I really like this one as I think it’s super practical and neatly filmed

Can you share a top of awesome books and articles?

  • Man’s search for meaning
  • When breath becomes air
  • Thinking fast and slow
  • Future Fit
  • Essentialism
  • The Culture Map

What book are you currently reading?

The proving ground by G.B. Knecht

What is the most awesome thing about being part of Energized.org?

Being part of this org & tribe! Because we know how to work hard & play hard. Because we’re all joined by our purpose.

What is the nicest characteristic of your colleague Hans?

Hans is always there for you, with his open and warm hear. He’s also an inspiring trainer! I tag along with Hans from time to time to observe how smoothly he passes on knowledge and experience onto others.

What is your most recent learning?

That Poland can rock with Holacracy too!

What can we wake you up for at night?

Ice cream (preferably from the place called ‘Lody z Krzyckiej’ :-D) & a good laugh.

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Contact Gabriela!

Email: gabriela @ energized.org
Or reach out on Linkedin

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