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Erik Slotboom

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Erik is a Holacracy coach

Erik is our pragmatic hero. Although his nights might be sleepless sometimes because of his young kids, Erik will be empowered after his first cup of coffee. He always has a smile waiting to come out.

Let’s have a chat with Erik

You’ve been an Energized.org partner since 2016. What’s you happiest memory regarding Energized.org?
Our retreat! Enjoyed getting to know everyone!

Talking about Holacracy, remember when you first fell in love?

That happened more gradually. Koen talked about the stuff back in the days already. Not sure when that was. Maybe as far back as 2009. Followed the Practitioner Training in 2014, not even sure what motivated me other than finally wanting to find out what it was about. Then I got sucked into new assignments in the Agile area. Somewhere in 2015 I was invited by Energized for some drinks, meeting many of them. Did some experimenting with Holacracy in my ING Agile transition team. It wasn’t until I decided to leave that assignment, beginning of 2016, that I made the conscious decision to move my career towards Holacracy. Did the assessment, became coach, did a project for Energized, joined as partner in October. There it is. My gradual move into Holacracy. It almost seems planned if I look back. It isn’t!

Who inspires you?

That’s a tough question as many people inspire me. Anyone who tends to radically think outside of the box has my attention. And those who try to overcome their own shortcomings. Well anyway, also the obvious like Mandela for his work on reconciliation. Or like Elon Musk, for using his talents as an entrepreneur to change the world. Or someone like Thomas Rau, the architect rethinking production/consumption etcetera.

Which Holacracy related video did you really enjoy?

Paula, you ask terribly hard questions! Anyway, I chose something like this one:

Can you share a top of awesome books and articles?

  • Reinventing organizations – Frederic Laloux
  • Systemisch transitiemanagement – Maaike Thiecke and Bianca van der Zeeuw
  • Non-violent Communication – Marshall B. Rosenberg
  • Wherever you go, there you are – Jon Kabat-Zin
  • Peace by Peaceful Means – Johan Galtung
  • Ja-maar wat als alles lukt? – Berthold Gunster

What book are you currently reading?

The book Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

What is the most awesome thing about being part of Energized.org?

Exactly that. Being part of it.

What is the nicest characteristic of your colleague Gabriela?

Gabriela is able to bring a positive drive that I find very inspiring. She is a true entrepreneur. Whatever it is, she takes in on and makes it happen.

What is you most recent learning?

I’m a big advocate of listening instead of talking. I’ve recently become very aware I have to take some steps myself as well. Another one, being able to coach and facilitate, while in at the same time it’s hard for me to be a practitioner, struggling with exactly the same things as our clients do.

What can we wake you up for at night?

Nothing, let me sleep!!! Oh well, pancakes would help…

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Contact Erik!

Email: erik @ energized.org
Or reach out on Linkedin

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